Pista Azzurra Go-Kart

Built in 1962, among the first in the slopes in Italy and subsequently amended in 1985 with the 'current track, the Pista Azzurra is in the international karting scene a true icon.
During these fifty years, the Pista Azzurra has seen running in his track the best drivers of international karting, many of whom arrived at the height of motoring in F1.

In 1968 with the first World Cup, in 1972 with thirteen editions of the "European Cup" in those years a kind of real world championship, until you get to the various editions of the European Championships and national riders likes of Prost, Patrese, Senna, Zanardi, Schumacher, Fisichella, Kubica, Badoer, Hamilton and many others have been involved in exciting races in the circuit of Jesolo.
This is the reason why even today, thanks to its very technical track Pista Azzurra is considered a test to measure the qualities of speed and put the point of the medium by new drivers.

The Pista Azzurra has also hosted various events: the Festivalbar, to Ferrarissimo at various motorcycle rallies, the latest being the Bike Week, proving to have a multifunctional able to meet the needs of events of the most diverse.
Last but not least it is to use its role as a space dedicated to safe driving courses or open days to present new car models to its customers.